How Rideshare Drivers Like Uber and Lyft Can Maximize Their Income With A Cargo Box

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As rideshare driver, you want to make the most out of your time outside. But how rideshare drivers like Uber and Lyft can maximize their income with a Cargo Box? The most common way drivers used to make the most from their driver seat is by using different rideshare apps altogether to make up the slow time each app could have.

Now, there is other smart ways that drivers are now using to help increase a little more their earnings and at the same time, helping for potential higher ratings. In this post I will introduce you the Cargo Box that rideshare drivers are using to make some more money, just by sitting a box in their car.

What Is A Cargo Box?

A Cargo Box is the new way that help driver make some extra cash every month by having this box in their car while giving rides. Cargo Box is a mini convenient store with products like snacks, headphones, cookies and personal care items. Some of those products are free for riders when they order them.

You just install the box on your center console and let it do the work itself. When riders see an item from the box that they want to order, they can do so by following simple instructions on the box to place their order on Cargo website. So, you don’t have to handle any transaction.

Once they place their order on the website, you will receive a notification from Cargo letting you know that a rider has placed an order and which items to hand to them. Then, you can retrieve those items from the box for the rider, when it is safe to do so. Cargo advises to only hand items to customers only if you feel it is safe, and no transactions are allowed on airport property.

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Why is A Cargo Box A Smart Way to Maximize your earning and improve ratings?

Cargo Box

The Cargo Box allows you to sell items to riders that they already need or want at no cost to you than having it sitting in your car. When you apply to get the Cargo Box, and once you are approved, the box is shipped to you with all the information needed to activate it and install completely free, not even a shipping fee.

All you have to do is to activate it and install it on the center console of your car and start putting smiles on your riders faces and collecting some extra cash. The good thing is that even those who are not willing to make an out-of-pocket purchase can still order some free stuff from the box, and you still make money even for free items ordered.

Cargo has partnered with brands that supply them products for brand awareness. So, brands want people to try their products, and Cargo is the way to go for distributing free samples, sell and advertise products to riders. It is also a great way to improve conversations between you and riders. Riders are also encouraged to tip you when they place an order.

Cargo Box is an easy in-car commercial tool that allows you to earn more from your rides and improve your customers experience while scoring higher ratings, allows Cargo to share the love and grow their business, and allows customers to enjoy their rides with a convenience in-car store where they can order free items or purchase nice products.

How Much Could You Make With Your Cargo Box?

Every time a rider places an order, even for free items, you make $1 for each order. And if customers make purchases, you will earn $1 per order placed plus 25% commissions on the transactions. So, the more rides you give, the more chances you will have for riders to try the items in the box or even make a purchase.

If you are not too shy, you may also encourage them to try the free items by asking them to get some free snacks and by telling them about Cargo. Which means more money in your pocket per order, and higher ratings. Another way to maximize earnings is by participating on weekly and monthly incentives that offer bonuses to drivers who meet the requirements.

Cargo also has an awesome referral program that rewards drivers $20 for every referral that activates their Cargo Box. You can take advantage of that if you are comfortable referring people to awesome programs that you discover. And you can refer as many people as you can which is also a good way to increase your earnings.

Drivers can make in average $100 a month, with power drivers earning up to $300 or more in a month. It is an interesting way to earn more passively with the box doing its job. Cargo drivers also keep 100% of tips received from customers.

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More About Cargo Box

Some drivers used to offer snacks and water to riders at their own expense, now with Cargo the hard work is lifted as you don’t need no more to do that. Plus you don’t need to worry about running out of inventory, as Cargo automatically refills your inventory by sending you more products when you start running low of items.

Cargo ships you the products to your doorstep at no cost to you. You can always contact Cargo by phone or by email if you ever need help. Their support is very responsive. Another great feature of the box is the two built-in USB ports that riders can use when they need to charge their phones.

You can always track your incentives progress, your shipments and your earnings within the Cargo App. Drivers are paid via direct deposit once a week on Mondays.


For rideshare drivers, companies like Cargo and Play Octopus have made it easy and a smart way to add up some extra cash to their earnings every month. So, if you are a driver but not using them yet, you may be leaving money on the table. Getting started with Cargo is very easy and all done online. Once you get your Cargo Box, your riders will order from Cargo Store and all you have to do is to distribute and make money.

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If you have any questions or comment about the Cargo Box, please leave them below in the comment section and I will be more than happy to get back to you.

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